Equipment used in pig production

Having a firm understanding of the parts involved in a complete swine production farm will help you make the right choices further down the line.

Wamba Farming Equipment is there every step of the way to ensure your operation is always running smoothly, from providing information on the best pig farming practices as your partner in the pig farming industry.

Feed Delivery & Feeding Systems

A crucial part of your farming operation involves an automatic pig feeder to ensure the pigs are always fed at an optimal rate.

Chain Disc Feed Line

Auger Feed Line

Feed Doser

Sow Free Feed Intake Feeder

Fiberglass Silo

Pig Pen Systems

Round Steel Bar Farrowing Pen

Adjustable Farrowing Pen

Piglet Heating Systems

Piglet Electric Heating Pad

Piglet CU(Care Unit) System

Drinking Systems

Waterline Alarm System

Drainage Systems

Climate Control Systems

Alarm And Emergency Ventilation system

Waterline Alarm System

Air Inlet Controller

BH9100 Climate Controller

BH8600 Environment Controller

BH8228 Climate Controller

BH8218 Climate Controller

BH8118 Climate Controller

BH6211 Climate Controller

BH1215 Climate Controller