excellence guaranteed

All our services are provided with the latest industry standards of excellence.

Our carefully selected team is ready to assist you with all your automated commercial farming needs, from conceptualization right through to completion and beyond. Our name and reputation in the industry are very important to us and therefore we not only wish to provide you with our superior products but to also build a lifelong partnership with our customers by providing you with after-sales service, spare parts on hand and even networking with fellow farmers in the industry if possible.

We pride ourselves in our superior workmanship and professional service along with our durable and affordable equipment.


As we have over 15 years of experience in the poultry farming and equipment industry, we understand better than anyone else the plight of the farmer. We are therefore equipped with the knowledge to assist you with solid, innovative advice to make sure that we set you up with all the necessary tools to make a success of your farming.

We are available to consult with all our customers either at our warehouse or on your farm to show you samples of our products, discuss farm planning and strategize the most efficient way forward.


Steel Work

As part of our turnkey solution, we do all the custom steelwork required for your project with our very own in-house steel team. Should you just want to construct a steel structure for other purposes we can help with that too.

Electrical Work

We have our own electricians for all the electrical needs when installing houses as well as technical personnel specially trained in the control boxes, ensuring that your operation runs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Brick Laying & Other Wet Work

Our bricklaying and wet work team are very skilled in their trade and we can assure you that they work quickly and neatly. We also source and oversee top-quality concrete flooring to make certain that your enterprise is built on the best possible foundation.

Panel Laying

We make use of only the premier paneling solutions in the industry that, together with our highly experienced installation team, make that your structure goes up quickly and with precision.


We always strive for perfection and to ensure that we give our customers just that, we have specially selected only the best in the industry to be part of our installation teams. Our people are hardworking, diligent, skilled, and highly experienced with the installation of our equipment.

Due to the nature of our industry, there are often pressing deadlines on projects but our teams can work under pressure and are known to think outside the box to make certain that the job gets done on time.


We have a well-stocked warehouse on the outskirts of Pretoria which enables us to assist you quickly in the event that you require spare parts. Our service representatives are also available to consult and advise after sales and installation should you require it.

Every Step Of The Way

We offer turn-key projects, from design and strategizing, concrete flooring and building, steelworks, electrical wiring, panel installations, and equipment installations. What further sets us apart from the rest is that we are ready to assist even once the installation has been completed. Further, we have a fully stocked warehouse to ensure that should you require any parts we can have them available to you as soon as possible. We are your one-stop service provider for all automated commercial poultry and piggery endeavors.

Planning the project

Material and spares

Managing contractors


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